Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The art of getting a haircut

Typically when I receive any services, I go to just get the job done and it's performed as a quick in and out efficient motion. Such was the case of my haircuts. I avoided much small talk because I was always anxious about my stylist becoming distracted and making a mistake with a simple slice through my hair. Indeed, I've had many bad experiences in my childhood, so much that I took it to Highlights to write them a help me letter about my distress and suffering with a disgraceful cut. Granted that hair will always grow back, it was still a painful few months that I was stuck with a look that at times gripped my self esteem to a standstill. I'm sure the writers at Highlights were chuckling at my letters of first world problems. 

Until I met David. He was so passionate about his job and had this infectious personality. He was quite infatuated with my hair admiring its thickness, shine, and length. "You have such gorgeous hair, I can play with it all day." He would start off with aromatherapy and then a scalp massage with a wash. Then he would precisely cut and shape my hair with such meticulous attention. All at the same time conversing with me about his two dogs, new recipes he was experimenting with in his crock pot, or date night with his partner. 

The haircut costs only $35. But to me it was so much more to me than the service of getting a haircut. 

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