Sunday, January 11, 2015

The art of surviving dry winters

When the winter months come, the atmosphere gets cold obviously and very dry. Central heating turns on and the humidity drops and the dryness intensifies. I sometimes feel like I'm trapped in a menopausal body hitting me 2 decades too soon. My right knee locks up with arthritis, my throat constantly parched, my lips pruned and cracked, and my skin thins, reddens and flakes.

Then, I became an expert. 

To beat the cold weather the following products have saved me from the disheartening wrath that comes with winter.

1) Dry eyelids-Urban decay eyelid primer
It has an ingredient that keeps the eyes moisturizer during the daytime.

2) Chapped lips-Blistex deep renewal SPF 15
It's the only one I use that keeps my lips moisturizer yet nongreasy

3) Dry hands and feet-Bath and Body Body Butter
Again not super greasy but it is thick and keeps my skin moisturizes for at least a few hours

4) Arthritis-Layers of clothing and trying to stay warm as possible along with glucosamine supplements. I am currently using Move Free

5) Parched Throat-the obvious-water. I always keep a cup next to my bed 

Keep your enemies closer. 


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